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Cost effective tool hire in the UK is really easy to arrange and obtain. You can easily hire anything from access equipment through to specialist items of welding plant, as well as lots of hand and power tools for undertaking diy project work at home. In addition your local tool hire depot can provide cleaning and decorating equipment, garden machinery and landscaping tools, as well as specialist products such as lifting equipment and products for manual handling and machinery moving.

Tool Hire Shops can be found in most cities and towns throughout the UK

Tools and Equipment to Hire

Below is a list of the most popular items of equipment and tools that can be hired from a local UK Tool Hire Shop.





Lifting Equipment

Manual Handling

Paslode Nail Gun

Access Tower

Angle Grinder

Blue Float


Carpet Cleaner

Cement Mixer

Concrete Mixer

Pallet Truck

Patio Cleaner

Petrol Generator

Pipe Freezer

Pipe Threader

Plate Compactor

Podium Step

Portable Disc Cutter

Portable Heaters

Power Tools

Power Washer

Radiator Flusher Pump

SDS Hammer Drill

Stihl Petrol Saw

Staging Boards

Stair Climber

Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Strong Boy

Submersible Water Pump

Vibrating Compactor Plate

Welding Equipment

Popular Categories

Access Equipment

Breaking and Drilling

Building and Construction

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning and Floorcare

Cooling, Drying, Heating

Event Hire

Fixing Tools

Gardening and Landscaping

Ladders and Scaffold Towers

Lifting, Handling and Moving

Lighting and Power

Painting and Decoration

Cooling, Drying, Heating

Plumbing and Pumping

Powered Access

Safety and Ventilation

Sanders and Sanding Tools

Sawing and Cutting

Surveying Equipment

Other Categories

Garden Machinery Sales

Power Tools and Accessories



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Local Tool Hire Shop in Sheffield

Find and use a high quality tool hire shop in Sheffield:

Obtaining the right tool for the job in-hand is not only about being safety conscious and efficient, it is about being cost effective too when it comes to carrying our building maintenance and repairs, grounds working, gardening and landscaping, or any other type of work that may be needed on or around your property.

When you only need a particular tool or item of equipment to carry out a one-off or infrequent task - it makes far more sense to hire rather than buy!

If you carry out work or live in Sheffield you can easily find a quality tool hire shop in Sheffield by way of using this online tool hire shop directory.

Lawn Mower Hire in Sheffield Grass Strimmer Hire in Sheffield Rotavator Hire in Sheffield Floor Sander Hire in Sheffield Concrete Breaker Tool Hire in Sheffield

Hire for use at home or in your business

The hiring of equipment and tools is aimed at both the Sheffield homeowner as well as business users in this South Yorkshire city.

Reliable, quality tools for rental

When you need a specific item of equipment or tool for a job, it’s important that it works correctly, accurately, and is safe and reliable - there’s nothing worse than a poor quality tool!

This is where a local quality Sheffield tool hire shop can help you, providing a quality tool rental service along with high levels of customer service, and with accurate advice when needed too!

Pipe Freezer Kit Hire in Sheffield

Pipe Freezer Kits

With one of these kits there is no need to drain plumbing systems to make alterations or repairs. As long as the cold water supply is not running sections of your plumbing system can be isolated with ice plugs.

Lifting Equipment Hire in Sheffield

Lifting Equipment

With the right item of lifting gear to-hand you can safely carry out a wide range of lifting and manual handling projects. Available for rental in Sheffield are chain blocks, hoists, web slings, pull-lifts, and manually operated tirfor machines.

Vibrating Compactor Plate Hire in Sheffield

Compactor Plate

With the use of a vibrating compactor plate you can tackle those outdoor landscaping jobs including the compacting-down of aggregates, general hardcore building materials, and of course block paving.

Portable Lighting Hire in Sheffield

Portable Lighting

If your looking to hire portable lights, your local tool hire shop in Sheffield will be able to provide you with portable floodlights, plasterers lights, tripod lights, festoon lighting, and led as well as fluorescent floor lights.

Welder Generator Hire in Sheffield

Welding Generators

You can easily obtain welder generator hire in Sheffield that is suitable for many on-site welding applications.  Choose from light weight to heavy duty welding equipment that also offers an auxiliary power take-off.

Website Links

Tool Rental Sheffield

A large choice of useful tools and equipment can be rented from your local South Yorkshire supplier:

 Turner Hire & Sales Ltd

426-432 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4ND

Phone: 0114 258 1682

Portable electric, infra red heater hire in Sheffield, Yorkshire