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5026B Product Features:


Ripca 5026 12 Way ATC Blade Fusebox With Cover

2 x positive circuits and 1 x negative circuit, turn-lock clear protective cover

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This RIPCA 12 Blade Universal Fusebox features: A high quality 12 pole fuse box containing 2 positive circuits and 1 negative circuit, it offers a maximum amperage per circuit of 30 Amps and a maximum amperage per block of 100 Amps, the maximum voltage is 32VDC. It has positive and negative buses with M5 studs.

RIPCA UK supplies a wide range of auto electrical parts, vehicle wiring components, and automotive accessories.

A quality range of products is available for purchase from RIPCA UK, who specialise in the trade supply to specialist automotive builders and vehicle conversion companies, businesses who carry out boat building and modification in the marine industry, companies that undertake the repair and modification to the wiring systems on agricultural machinery and items of powered access equipment and plant.

They also supply auto electrical components and wiring parts for organisations that build and manufacture emergency response vehicles including police cars and vans, ambulances and paramedic response cars, vehicles that the fire services uses, as well as products to UK commercial vehicle and truck builders.   

With regards the leisure industry their accessories and autoelectrical parts are commonly used by caravan, campervan, and motorhome users, as well as many car enthusiasts with regards to motorsport applications and classic car builders / renovators.

The range of products is also stocked and available for purchase via distribution from leading motorfactors, car accessory shops, and auto-electrical dealers / sellers that are within the UK.

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Ripca 5026B Fusebox

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Ripca 5026B Fusebox

Best Fusebox For Campervan

“The best fusebox for campervans as well as other vehicles, boats, and items of plant”

The Ripca 5026 is a versatile, high quality fuseholder that is well suited for fitment to campervans and motorhomes, caravans, boats, agricultural machinery and vehicles, emergency service vehicles (including ambulances, fire engines, paramedic response cars, police cars and more) all types of commercial vehicles (including vans, pick-ups, trucks) as well as items of powered plant.

It is an ideal ATC blade fuse box that is used by specialist vehicle builders including companies in the UK that undertake the adapting of wheelchair accessible vehicles, commercial and truck body builders, businesses that carry out campervan build and conversions, police vehicle conversion specialists, emergency response vehicle engineering companies, 4x4 car and motorsport vehicle builders, boat builders and marine modification / repair companies, specialist trailer manufacturers, and more.   

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